The Great Doubleheader Remodeling Project

The original laundry roomThe weird corridorBeginning the demolition of the laundry room wallnew plumbingnew plumbing
new shower hookupMost of the laundry room wall has now been demolishedthe former corridor behind the laundry roomStarting to demolish the laundry roomterrorist mice
the final wall separating the den from the corridorCuring the concreteThe new machine room is tiledRandy Kambic helped tremendously with the electricalRandy dealing with a mess of wires
Surprise!Surprise again!Going to the laundromatIn transitionJury-rigging the hot water heater
Pressure tankClose up of our wellBeforeAfterClutter
Cats in clutterFirst phase completeFirst phase completeBrown liquid? At least it doesn't smell...Tearing up the deck
The rockJackhammering the rockDie, rock!!Cement padFound the sewer line!
Our slightly cracked main sewer lineInsulating the basementInsulating the basementKyle SultezJosh Schrader
Shower tileCuriosity killed the... or at least muddied the feet...Dancing Sun mosaicThe shower is builtWhat's a hot tub?
It works!!The cast of Ratatouille in our ceilingDrywallKnotty alder door
Our moldy windowsThere is actually a side yard out there!Bay windowPutting on the roofFinished view
Bathroom vanity drainbuffet / vanityBuffet in progress...Lynae playing with fireHooking up the sink

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