New York

Lynae in front of Grand Central Station.Inside Grand Central StationUnion Square from Filene's BasementThe New York Natural History MuseumFossilized egg with dinosaur bones inside
After the museum, we walked through Central ParkLynae in Central ParkBrooklyn BethelAdams Street laundry facilitiesView from the top of a Bethel residence building looking over the Brooklyn Bridge
The top of the 90 Sands residence buildingJonathan and LynaeThe Office ComplexThe artwork at Bethel is strikingThe artwork in full size is impressive
Farmers Jonathan and LynaeBossert Hotel residence building in BrooklynThe detailed ceiling in the BossertThe top of the Empire State BuildingThe Stanley Theatre in Jersey City
A grand staircase with trompe l'oeil alabaster handrails is the main feature of the three-story lobby.Restored Chandelier, which is amazingWhen you stand underneath the chandelier it looks like a snowflakeJonathan and Lynae in front of the chandelierInside the Stanley Theatre
Inside the 4,332 seat auditoriumThe womens bathroom: 45 stalls.Lynae and MargoMade it to Patterson!The artwork at Bethel is amazing
Paradise scenePaul in RomeParadiseLynae looks at a model of the temple in the lobby at PattersonThe Temple in Jesus' day
The model of the Temple as it appeared in Jesus' dayThe next morning we toured WallkillInk BarrelsLynae in front of giant rolls of paperRejects
Jonathan and Lynae at Wallkill during our morning tour.Mike Calleja and JonathanLynae and Jonathan in a semiJonathan driving the FiretruckThe Storm King Art Center
A bench made of nickels welded togetherA closeup of the benchLynae inside a tree. I thought I would find her hereThe coolest sculpture in the museumA different view of the same sculpture
Another view of the sculptureAnother view of the sculptureThe final view of the sculptureJonathan and MikeDown some stairs where ice exists all the way into August
Jonathan decending into the fissure. You can just barely see Mike's face on the left side of the picture.Kaaterskill FallsJonathan and Lynae in front of Kaaterskill FallsA panoramic shot of Jonathan on our way back from Kaaterskill FallsButterfly on white lilacs at North-South Lake State Park
Jonathan and Lynae in North-South Lake State Park overlooking the Hudson riverView from Sunset rock in North-South Lake State Park in the CatskillsWings Castle, hand-built and made of 80% recycled and salvaged materialsTimes SquareOur favorite raw food resturant in NYC

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