We've arrived in Chicago!The Field MuseumThe Ghost and the DarknessThe largest T-rex at any museum (I think)The Architectural Boat Tour
The Our tour docentSkyscrapers at the end of the tourLynae was impressed with all of the art installationsOn Sunday, we went to the Aquarium
This is what happens when sting rays eat a steady diet of alphabet soup...EelA Sea DragonAnother type of Sea DragonReef
Big eelLittle eelsCoralNice shot for a desktopBuckingham Fountain
The installations in this park are made entirely from car partsA bench made from windshieldsThe original water tower for the townWater Tower Place and the John Hancock buildingThe views were amazing
Looking down at the punier skyscapersThe original water towerLooking towards downtownThey gave you little guided tour things that described the various views of ChicagoThe sunset from the top of the Hancock building was amazing. And peaceful.
The picture of us didn't come out nearly so well!The Chicago Institute of ArtA perspective on the same miniatureThey even mocked up adjoining roomsAnother miniature

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