California's Big Sur

For some reason Lynae has a thing for PiratesMore piratesLynae interacts with some penguinsA Sea CrabJellyfish
Cool jellyfish shotInside a sardine canPoint Lobos, one of my favorite parts of the tripLynae takes a breather on the rocky beachJonathan looks out at the ocean
Off in the distance we hear some sea lions barkingPoint Lobos: it's a steep dropoff into the oceanWe went for a hike in Point Lobos through the Cypress treesAnother trail on Point LobosA flock of cormorants
Along Highway 1Jonathan and LynaeWaterfall at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State ParkWaterfall at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State ParkLynae looking out over the ocean
Some giant redwoods reach towards the skySunset at Pfeiffer BeachThe guest house at Hearst CastleI think I was most impressed with the gardensHearst Castle
Hearst Castle's Dining roomThe dining room. Please pass the salt!The indoor swimming poolElephant SealsLynae at Salmon Creek Falls
Jonathan in front of Salmon Creek FallsJonathan and LynaeAt the top. It's a long way down!I made Lynae climb all the way to the top of the waterfallsUntil she saw this lovely shot!
The view from the caveOur tent cabin at Fernwood campground

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