Wedding Preparations

May 10th

It snowed last night. Snowed! I slept with my windows open though, and was perfectly comfortable - in fact, I kicked the covers off at 4am just like I normally do. (Well, maybe not quite as much as I normally do...) I was shocked when I got up at 8am and saw traces of snow outside!

Last night we finally got a great suit (and shoes) for Jonathan. Today I took my dress to a seamstress to get fitted. Tonight I pick up my engagement ring (it was being re-set). Somehow I'm feeling much less stressed about things - I even slept very well last night. (Monday night I hardly slept at all, and I finally got up around 6am after just 5 hours sleep and created this website.)

May 11th

We finally got official permission tonight for use of the Kingdom Hall on the 29th! Looks like this is really going to happen! Now all we need is a speaker... Meanwhile, it's time for a much-needed break, a weekend trip out of town. Although, I swear, if this trip hadn't been planned since before I was planning to get married, there's no way I'd be taking time off right now!

May 16th

My shoes arrived yesterday - just a nice pair of casual white leather sandals that I can wear all summer, but I absolutely hate trying to find a size 10½ narrow in stores! I ordered a 10 narrow and an 11 narrow; I think I'm going to go with the 11 narrow. I'm wearing them today; I plan to wear them a LOT over the next couple of weeks - I want them to be completely broken in and comfortable by the day of the wedding! (Plus I need to practice getting that sexy wedding walk just right while wearing them, especially since they're flats!)

In other news, it's supposed to be up near 80 degrees today, and hold to this pattern for the next 10 days. About 5° warmer than our averages of 75°/45°. Local weather here.

Still haven't been able to find the kind of gloves that I want. The search continues...

May 17th

The search for gloves is officially over! I went to a fabric store last night, supposedly one of the largest in the Denver area, figuring I'd just make my own gloves. I brought my veil with me, thinking I'd match the silk chiffon in it with something with just a bit more stiffness to it, like a nice silk organza or something - they didn't even have a silk organza in the store!!! In fact, they didn't even have a nice silk chiffon in the store! Man, no one sews anything nice anymore. It's all polyesters and nylons.

So after going to the book study and then working on invitations (and talking on the phone with Jonathan, who is out of town on business), and of course watching a new "Alias" episode (dude!! Vaughn's ALIVE!) I spent time poking around on the Internet some more. I thought about going to local bridal shops to see if they would have the gloves that I want, but when??? I don't have time for anything anymore... Came across a site called, and at 1am, placed an order for some nylon gloves. I'd managed to stick with everything being 100% silk up until now! They'll arrive about the middle of next week. So if these don't work, then it's sans gloves for me!

Now on to other minor details, like getting invitations out, getting someone to do the talk, run the sound system, unlock the hall for us, act as ushers, decorate the hall and picnic pavilion, organize the food... yeah. Things like that. Seems like we've gotten absolutely nothing really done. But hey, at least we'll look good!

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